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MVP in a Week Workshop

Give your idea a digital transformation in a week's time

  • 5 days
  • 8- 10 persons
  • Online Collaboration


  • Encourage diverse perspectives to develop ideas
  • Get a tangible, repeatable problem solving process that can be used at will to push the business ideas forward
  • Get real feedback from target users that means one can create a design based on data, rather than bias or intuition
  • Secure buy-in from stakeholders from the beginning before investing lots of time and money
  • Walk away with a prototyped, tested solution

Day 1

  • Define the Challenge
  • Set a Goal
  • Align and Sketch Solutions

Day 2

  • Present Solutions (ideas with the most “heat”)
  • Decide on Solution

Day 3

  • Storyboard the prototype

Day 4

  • Create interactive prototype
  • Set a Goal
  • Build simple test to validate solutions

Day 5

  • Create Interactive User Test
  • Record Results
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